Best coffee shops in Tribeca

4 (+1) Best Coffeehouses in Tribeca

Whether you’re in Tribeca for the film festival, the chic boutiques, or to visit the 9/11 Memorial, chances are you’ll need a coffee break.

Here, you can find some of the best coffee in New York. For the health conscious, there are plenty of options: from almond milk cappuccinos to gluten-free treats. For hard-core movie buffs and celebrity fans, there is even a coffee shop founded by a hot Hollywood star.

Here are my favorite coffeehouses in Tribeca, which, by the way, stands for the “Triangle Below Canal Street.”


319 Church St, (between Walker St & Lispenard St)

Best coffeehouses in Tribeca

La Colombe Torrefaction

This is not just a place to get your caffeine fix. It’s the ultimate coffee experience. But it’s not only the coffee that makes it special (and this is a place that knows coffee). It’s the antique-looking mugs, the friendly service, and the chic ambience. Exposed brick walls, high ceilings, wood floors, a large tilted mirror and—my favorite—tiny tables in the shape of a bean, too small to support a laptop. It would be hard to mistake this coffee shop for a rent-free office space (there are no couches and desks). I love their almond milk cappuccinos.

KAFFE 1668 

275 Greenwich St (between Warren Street & Murray Street)

401 Greenwich St (between Beach street & Hubert street)

Best coffeehouses in Tribeca

Kaffe 1668

I love the atmosphere in this coffee shop—the dark room, the candles, the reclaimed wood tables, columns and beams, and, of course, the fluffy sheep. I prefer the 401 Greenwich location because of the large communal table, the TV screen playing old movies (with subtitles), and the quiet room downstairs. The coffee is fair trade single origin and the tea selection is extensive and intriguing. I recently discovered their Concubine Blend. They make sure to write “concubine” before your name, even when you get it to stay.


184 Duane St (at Greenwich St)

Best coffeehouses in Tribeca

Laughing Man Coffee & Tea

Hugh Jackman founded this socially conscious coffee joint. It’s located in a classic Tribeca brownstone on one of my favorite blocks in the neighborhood. Their Flat White is really popular (supposedly it’s Hugh Jackman’s favorite) and you can even get it with almond milk (the coffee not the actor). I love their funny scribbles on the board. But this is not a place to sit and hang. It is tiny inside, barely allowing for a few people to form a line. If the weather is nice, you can sit on the two chairs outside or walk over to the little park at Duane and Hudson. (Warning: if you are not here for the hot drinks but the hot owner, you might be out of luck. I’ve lived in the neighborhood for a year and have yet to run into him).


279 Church St (between White & Franklin)

Best coffeehouses in Tribeca


If you are craving some sweets with your coffee, Baked is your place. It feels more like a cafeteria than a coffee shop but the variety of desserts makes up for it. They have everything, from brownies and cupcakes to pies and tarts. My favorites are the chocolate and whiskey cinnamon marshmallows. There are also vegan bites and gluten free treats.


301 W Broadway (just north of Canal Street)

Best coffee houses in Tribeca

Everyman Espresso

While this coffee bar is not technically in Tribeca, it is just North of Canal Street (which puts it in Soho) and only two short blocks from Tribeca Cinemas. If you sit on the bench outside, you have an awesome view of the Freedom Tower which is a positively Tribecan experience. I love the relaxed hip atmosphere, the colored wall, and the tiny chairs that you can pull up next to the window seats. The espresso is tasty and bold and it comes with a glass of sparkling water to cleanse your pallet—a sign of a real espresso bar.



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