Pera Batlla: From Garden to Plate

Costa Brava Restaurant

Pera Batlla Restaurant

Eating local Catalan cuisine in an old stonewall farmhouse surrounded by pastures can be an exercise in time-travel and Pera Batlla, with its reflective pool and an old medieval-looking bridge over it, doesn’t disappoint. The dining experience in this Costa Brava restaurant is a celebration of organic food so fresh that you can almost taste the dirt from the garden. I ate outside, serenaded by crickets, watching the reflection of the bridge in the pool fade away as the sun set and stars began to pop up in the indigo sky. Even the bill at the end of the meal came in style, hidden inside a red-cloth box, with a buckle on the side.

costa brava restauran

Pera Batlla Salad

During that trip last July, I ate in a number of celebrity-chef, Michelin-starred Costa Brava restaurants. Some of them served food to die for. But the meal I had at Pera Batlla was by far my favorite dining experience on the coast.

Costa Brava Restaurant Pera Batlla

The bill

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