learn to ski

Next Stop—Vail, Colorado: Can You Learn To Ski as an Adult?

Learn to ski

There are many reasons why I didn’t learn to ski as a kid in Sofia, Bulgaria. I could have been on the slopes in less than an hour—the city is surrounded by mountains—but it was an expensive and dangerous sport for my parents to support.

There are even more reasons why I shouldn’t try it in my 40s. It is way more expensive, not to mention dangerous. And New York is at best four hours drive/flight from any slopes. Mostly, I’m that much more scared of falling. Not being in shape doesn’t help either. And yet. Next week, I’m heading to Colorado for a three-day crash course with the Vail Ski and Snowboard School.

Learn to ski

I took my first class with them last year. At least back then I had no idea what I was getting into. I didn’t know the terrifying immobilizing fear of looking down a steep slope, unable to move, while other skiers are flying by, yelling at you to get out of the way. But on the rare occasions when I mastered that fear, I had a blast. Nothing surpasses gliding down a slope blanketed in smooth snow with the sun hitting your face.

learn to ski

I suspect I’ll have to start from scratch again. How much can you learn in 3 days? And how much of it can you remember 12 months later?

Worse comes to worse, I can stop at any point and spend the weekend in the spa. I have already booked a massage and made dinner reservations for the evenings. Let’s see if I will be posting about the slopes or the culinary scene in Vail.


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3 Responses

  1. Petia

    Ехааа от банския нахлузи ските!!!И това ако не е каляване…А гледай само как си изми ръцете с родителите!хихихиххи

  2. The Travel Bitch

    Ha. Very well said, Petia! Indeed, from a bathing suit to ski. As far as the parents…. 😉

    Точно Петя! Да се надяваме че фитнеса на плажа ще помогне! А пьк за родителите… 🙂

  3. Velina Nikolova

    Ха,щом пускаш тази писта значи си преодоляла най-трудните моменти.Сега е време да се качиш на по стръмна и да стискаш зъби хихихи……и за родителите,може да си права.При мен беше точно обратното.Татко ме чакаше долу докато аз плачейки от страх се спусках по Стената на Витоша…..и слава богу майка не беше свидетел на това!

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