Favorite experiences in Sydney

My 7 Favorite Experiences in Sydney

Favorite Experiences in SydneyClimbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge

I agree, the suits look silly. But that’s part of the experience. And it is amazing. They don’t let you bring anything with you. No cell phones, no cameras, not even a hairpin. They give you the caps and the hankies (all tied to your suit). Because if you drop something, it smashes onto somebody’s windshield on the highway below you and the consequences can be fatal. It’s all extremely well organized and thought out. Did I mention the view?

Favorite Experiences in SydneyTaking the coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee Beach

A thirty-minute bus ride from Sydney Harbor and I was at one of the most famous beaches in the world, Bondi beach. The 6-kilometer walk takes you along the breathtakingly beautiful coast past amazing rock creations, beaches, and housing communities. You go up and down stairs, the waves smashing below you, walk across beaches, parks and even a cemetery. You can stop and take a swim or have a break at one of the beach cafes.

Favorite Experiences in SydneyExperiencing the Opera House

I didn’t want to just see the iconic building. I wanted to experience it from every angle, inside and out. I made sure to buy tickets for a performance before I even landed in Sydney. There is a wonderful café on the ground floor where I had lunch, people watching and taking selfies with the Harbor Bridge behind me.

Favorite Experiences in SydneyTaking a ferry ride

I didn’t care where to; I had to take a ferry to properly experience Sydney Harbor. I got to see the Opera House from the water, up close and personal, with the wind blowing in my hair. A sailboat would have been much better but… I had to leave something for my next visit!

Favorite Experiences in SydneyStrolling the Writers Walk

The Writers Walk in Circular Quay celebrates Australian and international writers who have visited or lived in Australia. The walk goes from the International Terminal to the Opera house and consists of circular metal plaques embedded in the pavement. As you would expect, they look just like manhole covers and are easy to miss. But spotting them is part of the fun. I read and photographed the ones I found, often having to wait for people to step off of them. Tourists who’d stopped to take photos of the Harbor Bridge or the Opera, or were talking on their phones or to their friends, blissfully unaware that I was waiting for them to move. Instead they gave me the look that said, “What’s your problem, woman?” and kept on talking.

Favorite Experiences in SydneyVisiting the Blue Mountains

I took a day trip to the Blue Mountains. The guidebooks tell you that they appear blue because of the oil from the eucalyptus trees which mixes with dust and water particles, creating short-wave light rays that are supposed to be bluish in color. My tour guide told me it was a bunch of baloney. All mountains look blue in the distance. That’s been my experience, for sure. Blue or not, the views there are spectacular.

Favorite Experiences in SydneySpending an afternoon at the Royal Botanic Gardens

When a friend told me to visit the Botanic Gardens in Sydney, I thought, sure, maybe, if I have time. I was picturing something like the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, which I love in spring, but so rarely get to go to because it requires hopping on the train and making a special visit. Not to mention, there is an admission fee. Not so in Sydney. The day I arrived, I dropped my suitcase in the hotel and ran out to see the Sydney Harbor. I walked by the Opera House and along the bay and through a wonderful park that turned out to be the Royal Gardens. It was paradise with a view. I parked myself on a bench and soaked in the sun, surrounded by exotic plants and trees, listening to the cockatoos’ calls and staring at the postcard image of the Sydney Opera and Harbor Bridge.

I will write in more detail about each of my favorite experiences in Sydney. Which of the seven do you most want to read about?

As always, thanks for reading! I’d love to hear from you!!!

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