Found in Translation: New York Bar Tokyo

New York Bar Tokyo

Scarlett Johansson might have shone in Lost in Translation, but the true star of the movie was Tokyo’s New York Bar at the Park Hyatt. It was the first thing I thought of when I decided to go to Tokyo and the place most of my friends wanted to hear about when I returned.

New York Bar Tokyo

New York Bar Tokyo was everything the movie showed it to be and more.

The night views from the 52nd floor are spectacular and the bar scene revolves entirely around this twinkling masterpiece. Muted art-deco desk lamps line the bar, which sits in the back of the dark room and parallels the wall of windows. The band sets up right in front of the windows and if you arrive early enough, you can get a bar stool facing the band and the Tokyo skyline behind them. Or you can sit at one of the tables scattered in the space in front of the bar and around the jazz band. I loved the bright art-deco paintings by Valerio Adami. They hang high on the walls, adding warmth to the ambience without distracting from the view.

New York Bar Tokyo

My only problem was the smoking. Nothing ruins romance more than the nasty smell of a cigar and clouds of cigarette smoke. I had to endure both at the New York Bar Tokyo. It feels like decades ago when New York (the city) banned smoking in bars and restaurants. It might seem glamorous on the big screen but the reality of it stinks!

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