2015 in photos

Postcards From Around The World: 2015

2015 recap


What a busy year 2015 was! I took 35 flights, traveling to 7 Countries on 4 continents (Anguilla, Bulgaria, Chile, China, England, Italy, and Thailand). My destinations varied from tropical islands to mountains to cities—large and small—in the United States, Europe, Asia and South America.

2015 recap

Rome, Italy

Rome and Thailand had been on my list for a long time and are the two big highlights of my travels in 2015. But both were overrun by tourists (I was one of them, I know), which took away from the experience.

2015 in photos

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

I started the year on a good note with a fitness vacation to St. Thomas in early January. Admittedly, the fitness component was thin—one beach workout and one kayak trip across Magens Bay—but I was there for only 3 nights. To read more about the trip, click here.

Favorite trip:

It’s hard to pick a favorite trip when each is best in its own way. How do you compare lounging at the beach in a tropical paradise like Anguilla to exploring Thailand’s gilded temples or ziplining in St. Thomas with the view of Magens Bay as your backdrop?

2015 in photos

Santiago, Chile

But if I have to make a choice, I would go with my 5-day trip to Santiago, Chile. It wasn’t the most exciting or exotic place I visited, but for many reasons—internal and external—it happened to be the trip I enjoyed most this year.

I knew I was up for a treat as the plane began to descend and I caught my first glance of the Andes, bathed in pink light from the rising sun. The city was safe and easy to navigate solo and the food and wine were delicious. There is a direct flight from New York to Santiago, but most importantly, the time difference is only an hour so you don’t have to deal with jet lag. Highlights included: touring Pablo Neruda’s houses and exploring the vineyards outside the city on a bike. You can read more about it, here.

2015 in photos


Anguila was my favorite tropical vacation. I promise to write about it soon as I am already planning another trip to paradise in 2016!

2015 in photos

London, England

I had been to London many times so on this trip I skipped the major sights and instead enjoyed walking the streets and discovering new places like Kensington Palace.

2015 in photos

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv was my shortest trip: one day only. It was the perfect amuse bouche to stimulate my appetite for Roman architecture before I boarded the plane to Rome.

2015 in photos

Shanghai, China

I found Shanghai most surprising with its mixture of traditional and Western lifestyles, architecture and food. To read more about it, click here.

2015 in photos

St. Thomas and St. John, Virgin Islands

My second trip to St. Thomas was a family vacation that included many adventures: kayaking, snorkeling, hiking and ziplining.

2015 in photos

Sofia, Bulgaria

Speaking of family, I made a few trips to Sofia and Chicago.

2015 in photos


Hong Kong was my most exciting trip. I loved the architecture, taking the Star Ferry across the bay, the view from the top of the hills. To read more about my experience, go here.

2015 in photos

Hong Kong

Skiing in Vail, CO was hands-down my most strenuous fitness adventure (read my posts about learning to ski as an adult here). I also worked up a good sweat on my road bike, going all the way across George W Bridge and riding along the Hudson in New Jersey. Hiking Breakneck Ridge is a favorite day trip of mine each year, only an hour-drive from Manhattan.

2015 in photos

Adventures 2015

Here’s to a great year! Thank you all for following me around the world and best wishes for 2016!


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