Art Sighting: Ekebergparken Sculpture Park in Oslo

Sculpture Park in Oslo

Dalí’s Venus De Milo

An intertwined couple suspended from the tops of the trees. An open book where you can see your image in the natural world. A walking woman in the middle of a path. All this and more from internationally acclaimed artists, exhibited in a rich natural landscape with sweeping city views. Now that promises to be a unique art experience!

Ekebergparken sculpture park in Oslo is set on a hill and the grounds alone would be enough for a gorgeous walk with views of the city. Add the art and you have the perfect museum. Except for when it’s raining, although that could be an experience in its own right!

The 63-acre park features works by Louise Bourgeois, Sarah Sze, Marina Abramović, Salvador Dali, and Sean Henry. A friend of mine who was recently there described the experience as a treasure hunt. You get a map and you start walking along the pathways looking for the pieces. Personally, I’d prefer to get lost in the woods, stumbling on artworks behind trees and turns. One piece I’d make sure not to miss though would be Louise Bourgeois’ The Couple. The two intertwined bodies hang from the top of the trees. You can lie down on the grass below and contemplate couplehood as you gaze up at the sculpture set against the trees and the sky.

I might have to make a trip to Norway just to see Ekebergparken sculpture park in Oslo. If only I could pronounce the name!

Sculpture Park in Oslo

Louise Bourgeois’ The couple

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