NEXT STOP – Tokyo: What to See and Do?

Tokyo in three days

I’m heading to Tokyo! But I’ll have only three days to spend there. What to do and see during my brief visit?

I scanned the guidebooks and online travel journals for recommendations.

The Tsukiji Fish Market is consistently listed as one of the top attractions in Tokyo. Really? People actually go there at 4:30 in the morning to register so that they can walk in an hour later with a group of other tourists (there are 2 shifts, each 60 people). All this to watch fishmongers auction their tuna? In Japanese, nonetheless. If I were so desperate for the stink of dead fish, I could take the subway to the shops in Chinatown.

Going to a Sumo wrestling tournament is up there with the fish market in popularity. You’ve gotta be kidding me! So that I can watch colossally-overweight, nearly-naked men pretend-fight, jostling each other around on stage? All that fat, glistening with sweat, bouncing and jiggling? Not for this girl!

So I came up with a more lady-friendly plan for what to see and do in Tokyo in three days.

1) Meiji Shrine— a Shinto shrine where I’m hoping to catch a traditional wedding ceremony.

2) Sensō-ji Temple— Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple.

3) Shibuya Crossing— a traffic section, where it’s supposed to be a real scramble to cross with all the lights turning red at the same time and pedestrians rushing in all directions at once, crossing every which way, including diagonally.

4) New York Bar–Park Hyatt Tokyo where most of the film Lost in Translation took place.

5) The Great Buddha of KamakuraI will even have time for a day trip outside Tokyo to see the Great Buddha and get a sense of life outside the big City.

Stay tuned for my impressions.

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